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Keep your head down!


Today I went to play golf. Yep, golf! I've got a lot to say about the experience, but I don't want to make this post too long.

Just before getting there, I stopped by someone's workplace. I told him I was going to play golf. He said:
"Oh? That's great! Umm... by the way, keep your head down." And that's all he said.

Well, I got onto the golf course, and headed for the target range, where newbies like myself should find themselves. Tried a couple shots. Wasn't getting very far. Then I thought things through a bit more, and got some results.

Then an older golfer came up and said, "Bend you knees." I recognized immediately that
(a) This guy was better than me,
(b) he knew his stuff.

So I decided to (earnestly) practice some of the things he said.

Immediately after that, my shot suffered. I was doing worse for all the good advice I was getting. I couldn't understand it. Wasn't I supposed to be getting better?

Another older golfer came up. He said, "Why does your head move like that when you swing? Keep your eye on the ball. Don't look at where you want the ball to go - keep looking at the ball!" I didn't even think that that made sense. If I want to go a particular place with my shot, shouldn't I be focused there?

Well, I did take his advice. Would you believe that my shot better soon after that?

My second-to-last shot of the day was horribly off, but I put everything I learnt into the last ball. Head steady. Left foot planted. Swivel the hip.

I hit it for about 200 feet.

Here's the spiritual lesson. Keep your head down. I think most of us naturally look into the future... how things should be: "I should procrastinate less"... "I should do such-and-such"... "Christians should x, y, z"...

But maybe we need to be looking down at the things right in front of us. Everyday. That's where choices are made. Good choices, made everyday, will naturally need to good results.

It's true God grants blessings for the future. But He's just as concerned about the decisions that you make today. He's concerned about your relationships. He's concerned about your fears, struggles, anxieties.

Keep your head. Down.

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