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To my Enemy


I know you are looking to destroy me, you just don't like to see me prosper. You don't like to see me grow. What is your big problem with me? What is actually your case? Is there anything I have done to you? Is there anything you want from me? 

You always seek a way to hurt me, a way to bring me down, another way to make me fall. What the hell is your problem? What do you want?

You try everything to make me go down that path, to make me lose my way. 

You see me running, you see me struggling and know nothing else but more drama, more pain, more trials, more strain. 

I know you are smart. you are top of your game. You always plan ahead and devise every scheme. I am not capable of standing up to you alone. You know that and always try to blind me from where I can atone. You make me think that there is no help for me. That what I am, Is all I can be. Your tricks, plans and plots are shrewd indeed. You seemingly provide everything I need.

You make me look hopeless, Without a friend in the world.

I am looking for something better, And I know I have found it. I feel so much better than when to you I was bonded. You kept me in shackles of lies, and deceit. But looka mister, today I declare your defeat. You had me bound and myself I could not free. But when I got to know Him, He became the All in all to me. He stands in the gap, to keep me from that fall, and when I trip or slip, He hears me when I call. They call Him Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Others call Him Savior, I simply call Him Friend. There are more names he goes by, and I will help you see, and maybe you can see what He can do for me as you listen to my ABCs:

A - All is created by Him

B - Better than best is He

C - Conqueror (He never lost a battle)

D - Death is scared of Him

E - Eternal is His lifespan

F - Friend to all

G - God is His name

H - Heaven adores Him

I - Immortality is His domain

J - Just a prayer away

K - Knowing Him is the best there is to know

L - Loving Him is sweeter than anything else

M - Mighty are His acts at all times

N - Nothing is impossible to Him

O - Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, need I say more

P - Provider of all my needs

Q - Quickener or my soul

R - Redeems me from distress

S - Sustainer of my life

T - The Tower that never falls

U - Unrelenting Lover

V - Victory is His call card

W - Wonderful are His works

X-traordinary are His accomplishments

Y - You can trust Him

Z - Zions King

If you are still mistaken as to whom I am speaking, don't worry He knows who you are. If you want to cause trouble too, He knows where you live. 

I serve a risen Savior and no weapon will prevail.

Editor's Note: Originally written on December 2, 2010.

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