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My bed


I lay here with eyes open on my small firm bed
A crack of light pours through the small square window
and rests gently upon my chest
as it heaves with guided motion
Alone, with my thoughts...
One leg hanging limply over the side
while the other, caresses the dark metal frame
My right arm propped up behind my head
I close my eyes
to feel the new morning's warmth
on my face
I focus on the image within my head
of the picture on my wall
my love
these frozen thoughts bring a welcome part
to my otherwise sealed lips
corners curved up
just enough
This is my peace before the storm
that is inevitable
before the turbulence engulfs me
before the chaos descends
and darkness enters
I will be content
with this moment
on my bed
and I....I sense a presence and open my eyes
he's there already
It's not time yet..but he's there
He never disappoints
Just a few more moments
This alarming sound is even more...
deafening this morning
snatching away my mental comfort
disrupting my calm once more
I reluctantly get out of bed
and stand next to my cell mate
waiting for the officer to open the gate
to my monotonous life
I wish i could lay
on my bed
just a little

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