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See some of the main features of the USC Portal.

Introduction Top

We'll run through the major functionality of the UniversityPath here by using a tutorial-styled case study.

We're pitting you as a Freshman; and you're pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computing (Software Systems Emphasis), and a Minor in Math - both for under the 2010 Agreement.

Basic Start Top

So... you did some courses last semester.

These are the courses you completed last semester, entered using the Course Manager. It will automatically calculate your GPA for the semester (highlighted with the red ellipse above).

Degree Viewer: Contribution of Courses to your Degree Top

Your courses will ultimately contribute to the fulfilment of your degree requirements.

Degree Viewer

The Degree Viewer shows the Requirements for the degree that you're pursuing, and reflects how you fulfil them. It automatically maps your courses from the Course Manager.

Course Manager: Courses currently pursued Top

This semester, you're doing some more courses.

In this walkthrough, the current Semester is 2011-2012 Semester 2. Completed Courses have a green background; courses that you are currently pursuing have a yellow background. Note that each course can have a grade wish (indicated by an asterisk), and a performance level (using a Course Tracker).

Course Manager: Adding/Editing a course Top

The course editor is a simple interface, and easy to use.

Editing CHEM107

Adding and editing courses are a breeze! There are some nice shortcuts (like drop-down lists) that prevent you from typing everything manually. We've added a grade wish of B+.
(Only the fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are necessary.)

Course Tracker: Tracking a course Top

Let's track your progress in CHEM107, so you know how your grade is progressing.

The Course Tracker is started by clicking the 'Begin Tracking' link when you edit a course in the Course Manager.

Course Tracker: CHEM107

The Course Tracker allows you to record every activity that contributes to your grade. You can customize your grade ranges and section weights according to your course outline. The tracker automatically calculates your current performance by adding up the sections and section items, and comparing using the weights provided. Above, your performance currently puts you at a B+ (indicated by the green flag).

Monitoring your progress in this way allows you to always be on top of your courses. It also helps to motivate you to excel at your degree!

GPA Calculator: Completed Courses and Courses Currently Pursued Top

We know what our GPA from last semester is...

GPA Calculator: Completed Courses Only

This option calculates your actual GPA.

But can you project your GPA using your grade wishes? Sure you can!

GPA Calculator – With Courses Currently Pursued

Use the GPA Calculator to project what your GPA will be, if you add your grade wishes. Your GPA will rise from 3.13 to 3.41 if you achieve your grade wishes. Great!

Recap Top

Ok... Things are looking good! Let's recap what we can do so far.

  • Use the Course Manager to enter and review your courses.
  • The Degree Viewer shows you the requirements for your degree(s).
  • You have an easy interface for entering your courses.
  • You can track your courses to see how your grade is progressing.
  • You can calculate your current GPA and project your GPA for the current semester, using the GPA Calculator.

Now you're looking organized! Let's see what else we can do.

Course Manager: Wishlist Courses Top

Your Degree Viewer already shows most of the requirements needed for your Degree(s). Wouldn't it be great to plan your future courses ahead of time?

Let's add some wish list courses for the next semester. Again, we'll attempt to mix and match courses, so that we fulfil Core requirements and General Ed requirements in an even way. While we're at it, we can put in the "wished for" grades for those wishlist courses too.

Course Manager: Wishlist Courses

Completed Courses: Green; Courses Currently Pursued: Yellow. Wishlist Courses for future semesters have a light blue background.

GPA Calculator, with Wishlist Courses Top

You have a nice plan here! Hmm... wonder what your GPA will look like with those wishlist courses?

GPA Calculator – with Wishlist courses

The 'All' option allows you to get a projected GPA that includes courses you've completed, are pursuing, and wish to do. Here your GPA will rise to to 3.46.

Updated Degree Viewer, with Wishlist Courses Top

Let's check out the Degree Viewer again...

Degree Viewer – Updated

The Degree Viewer now shows how you plan to fulfil your requirements, using the color coding from the Course Manager. Completed requirements use green; requirements you're currently pursuing use yellow, and the wishlist courses use light blue.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you've added courses via the Course Manager, your Degree Viewer and GPA Calculator are automatically updated. This means that you only enter your courses once. Saves time!

Other Features Top

You're well on your way here.

There are some really great features that make UniversityPath helpful and easy to use.

  • Some data-entry fields will offer suggestions while you type!

    Try it: Type a Semester in the box below (example: 2010):

    You chose 

  • The Calendars are really helpful. Try this one: click in the box below.

  • Your Degree Viewer has scrolling actions, just like the ones used in this document.
  • UniversityPath is fast. (You may have realized that already!)
  • Credit Transfers, Petitions and "Credit By Examination" exams (CBEs) also contribute to the completion of your degree. These are managed in the Course Manager, and are also shown in the Degree Viewer.
  • There's a calendar of events on the USC Portal. A weekly email is sent out too, informing you of important school dates and holidays for the upcoming week.
  • Some pages of interest: USC Photo Gallery, USC Calendar and the ASB Page.
  • Demos are available: Course Manager, Degree Viewer, GPA Calculator and Dashboard.
  • Check out the List of Degrees.
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