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How is my GPA calculated?

For every course that you do, you’ll get a grade. Each grade range has a specific weight. An A carries a weight of 4.00, while a B carries a weight of 3.00. If you do a 3-credit course and get a B, the product you get is 9.00 (3.00 x 3 credits). Your GPA is calculated as the total product of all courses you’ve done, divided by the total number of credits you’ve done. Using our simple example, your GPA will be 3.00 (9.00 ÷ 3). Since the highest grade, A, carries a weight of 4.00, your GPA can never be higher than 4.00.

To calculate your GPA, The GPA Calculator first sorts all your courses into grade sections (A, A-, et cetera). This makes it easy to find the total product for a particular grade. It does this for each grade, and then gets the total product for that grade. The total number of credits done is also calculated. Your GPA is then calculated as the total product (for all grade sections) divided by the total number of credits. The breakdown of the calculation is provided in the table on the left, and the grouping of grade categories are in the table on the right. Only grades from A to F contribute to your GPAS grades, Transfers, Petitions and CBEs do not count toward the calculation of your GPA.

Projection and Scope

To do GPA projection, include courses that you currently pursuing, and wish to do, in the Course Manager; and add a ‘Grade Wish’ (the grade you wish to get) for each, one as desired.

Then use the drop down list to select the scope that you’d like to view:

  • Completed Courses Only
  • Completed and Pursuing (current semester)
  • All (Completed, Pursuing and Wishlist courses)

Click the <Update> button, and the updated values will be applied right away!

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