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Associate in Science, General Business Emphasis (2006)

You've completed 53% of the requirements (35 of 66 Credits).

A. General Education Requirements [ Jump to: A. B. C.  Top  ] 26/36
  a. Religion 3/6
   (1)     RELT100 God and Human Life B 3
   (2) Select one course from: 0/3
      RELB210 Jesus in His Time and Ours 3
      RELT225 Doctrines of the Adventist Faith 3
  b. Arts / Humanities / Philosophy 3/5
   (1) Select one course from: 3/3
      ENGL255 Studies in Literature 3
      HIST104 World Civilizations I 3
      HIST105 World Civilizations II 3
      HIST147 West Indian History B+ 3
   (2)     EDTE354 Philosophy of Education 2
  c. Social Sciences 3/3
   (1) Select one course from: 3/3
      PSYC101 Introduction of Psychology B+ 3
      SOCI119 Principles of Sociology 3
  d. Language and Communication 6/9
   (1)     COMM104 Communication Skills A 3
   (2) Complete all: 3/6
      ENGL115 English Composition I A- 3
      ENGL215 English Composition II 3
  e. Natural Science 3/3
   One course selected from the following: 3/3
      BIOL111 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
      BIOL260 General Microbiology 4
      CHEM107 Chemistry in Society 3
      PHYS115 Concepts of Physics B+ 3
  f. Mathematics 3/3
       MATH165 College Algebra B+ 3
  g. Computer Science 3/3
   Choose one of the following: 3/3
      INFS110 Introductory Computer Tools 3
      CPTR125 Introduction to Computer Programming A- 3
  h. Wellness 1/1
       HLED120 Fit and Well A- 1
  i. Service 0/2
       BHSC100 Philosophy of Service 2
  j. Vocational / Career Planning 1/1
       IDSC110 College Success and Career Planning S 1
B. Courses Required for the General Business Emphasis [ Jump to: A. B. C.  Top  ] 6/24
        ACCT121 Fund. Of Accounting I S 3
        ACCT122 Fund. Of Accounting II S 3
        ECON225 Principles Of Macroeconomics 3
        ECON226 Principles Of Microeconomics 3
        INFS110 Introductory Computer Tools 3
  Nine credits selected from 0/9
       BSAD104 Introduction To Business 3
       BSAD210 Small Business Management 3
       BSAD341 Business Law 3
       INFS215 Information Systems Theory & Application 3
C. Required Cognates [ Jump to: A. B. C.  Top  ] 3/6
        MATH165 College Algebra B+ 3
        STAT285 Elementary Statistics 3

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