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Have you fulfilled all your requirements? Check here.

This is the Degree Viewer Demo!

The Degree Viewer shows you the requirements for the degree(s) that you're pursuing.

This tool pulls the courses from your Course Manager, and plots them in here, so that you see exactly how your requirements are being fulfilled.

Make sure to check out the 'Help' tab below, and enjoy the 'Jump to' links!

As a subscriber, you'll have your degree(s) appear here instead, populated with the courses from your own Course Manager.

Degree Viewer

The Degree Viewer shows the Programs that you’re pursuing, and attempts to match the requirements of each Degree to the respective course in the list of courses you’ve entered in the Course Manager.

The Degree Viewer is actively maintained by the Administrator of this site. If there are any discrepancies in the Degree Viewer, don’t hesitate to send some feedback... we’ll try to resolve it as soon as possible.


There are two Section types. The table below indicates their respective colours:

Section that is complete.
Section that is optional, or may not be necessary.
Section that is incomplete.

Requirements will be listed under each section - This table displays the colour for each requirement state:

A Requirement that is complete/fulfilled.
A Requirement that you're currently pursuing (current semester).
A Requirement fulfilled by a course on your WishList.
A Requirement that is mandatory / must be completed.
A Requirement that is optional.
Requirement(s) that is/are elective(s).


  • Each Degree/Program has it's own tab, for quick switching.
  • 'Quick links' allow you to jump quickly from section to section (i.e. 'Top', 'A', 'B'...)
  • Use this tool as a Check-Sheet to make sure you're on course for graduation! (Please note: Always check with your faculty to ensure that you've met all your requirements... Do not use this tool as the authoritative guide!)

A Very Important Note about Credits

Sometimes it may appear as though the degrees on UniversityPath have more credits than the ones stated in the School's Agreements.

In some degrees, credits requirements are found in two places (e.g. General Eds and Core).

What we do here is count the credits twice. Don't worry though... whenever you actually do the course, it will be automatically be counted twice as well.

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