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Bachelor of Science, Computing (Software Systems Emphasis) (2006)

You've completed 25.5% of the requirements (35 of 137 Credits).

A General Education Requirements [ Jump to: A B C D E  Top  ] 29/65
  a. Religion 3/12
   (1)     RELT100 God And Human Life B 3
   (2) Select three of the following: 0/9
      RELB210 Jesus In His Time and Ours 3
      RELT250 Personal Spirituality and Faith 3
      RELG360 Topics: World Religions 3
      RELT308 Gift Of Prophecy 3
      RELT326 Advanced Theology 3
      RELT225 Doctrines Of The Adventist Faith 3
      RELT340 Religion and Ethics In Modern Society 3
  b. Arts / Humanities / Philosophy 6/11
   (1) Choose one of the following: 3/3
      HIST104 World Civilization I 3
      HIST105 World Civilization II 3
      HIST147 West Indian History B+ 3
   (2) Select one of the following: 0/3
      ENGL255 Studies In Literature 3
      ENGL425 Literary Topic: Biblical Literature 3
   (3) Complete one section or the other: 3/3
    Select one course of the following: 3/3
     IDSC200 Christ in Music and Art 3
     IDSC205 Introduction to Fine Arts B+ 3
     MURE420 Church Music and Hymnology 3
    Three Credits of Ensemble: 0/3
     MUPF135 Choral Ensemble 1
     MUPF137 Instrumental Ensemble 1
   (4)     EDTE354 Philosophy For Education 2
  c. Social Sciences 3/6
   (1) Select one course from 3/3
      PSYC101 Introduction To Psychology B+ 3
      SOCI119 Principles Of Sociology 3
   (2) Select one course from 0/3
      BHSC220 Contemporary Social Issues 3
      ECON225 Principles Of Macroeconomics 3
      FMST456 Marriage and the Family 3
      GEOG125 Introduction To Regional Geography: Caribbean 3
      PLSC235 Introduction To Political Systems 3
      SOCI325 Caribbean Sociology 3
  d. Language and Communication 6/13
   (1)     COMM104 Communication Skills A 3
   (2)     ENGL115 English Composition I A- 3
   (3)     ENGL215 English Composition II 3
   (4) Foreign Language 0/4
      FREN171 Elementary French I 4
      FREN172 Elementary French II 4
      FREN275 Intermediate French 4
      SPAN171 Elementary Spanish I 4
      SPAN172 Elementary Spanish II 4
      SPAN275 Intermediate Spanish I 4
  e. Natural Science 3/9
       BIOL111 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
       BIOL112 Anatomy and Physiology II 3
       BIOL208 Principles Of Environmental Science 4
       BIOL260 General Microbiology 4
       BIOL245 Natural History of Trinidad and Tobago 3
       BIOL330 History of Earth and Life 3
       CHEM107 Chemistry In Society 3
       PHYS115 Concepts Of Physics B+ 3
       FDNT230 Nutrition 4
  f. Mathematics 3/3
       MATH165 College Algebra B+ 3
  g. Computer Tools 3/3
       INFS110 Introductory Computer Tools 3
       CPTR125 Introduction To Computer Programming A- 3
  h. Wellness 1/3
   (1)     HLED120 Fit and Well A- 1
   (2) Two of 0/2
      PEAC110 Personal Physical Fitness 1
      PEAC130 Special Activities 1
  i. Service 0/2
       BHSC100 Philosophy Of Service 2
  j. Vocational / Career Planning 1/3
       IDSC110 College Success and Career Planning S 1
   Select one course from 0/2
      AUTO135 Engine Performance I 2
      CNST120 Electrical Construction 2
      CPTR275 Computer Organization and Assembler 3
      FDNT110 Basic Food Preparation 2
      OFTE250 Office Applications 2
      OFTE310 Advanced Office Applications 2
      TCED285 Upholstery 2
      TXTL105 Textiles and Clothing Construction 2
      TXTL258 Clothing Construction 2
B Courses Required for the Computing Core [ Jump to: A B C D E  Top  ] 3/15
        CPTR125 Introduction to Computer Programming A- 3
        CPTR151 Computer Science I 3
        CPTR152 Computer Science II 3
        CPTR276 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
        CPTR461(Old) Operating Systems I 3
C Courses Required for the Software Systems Emphasis [ Jump to: A B C D E  Top  ] 0/25
  Mandatory 0/14
       CPTR427 Object-Oriented Design and Programming 3
       CPTR460 Software Engineering 3
       CPTR466 Software Engineering Group Project 2
       INFS235 Business Programming 3
       INFS428 Database Systems Design and Development 3
  Eleven credits selected from: 0/11
       CPTR240 Topics in ______________ 1-3
       CPTR275 Computer Organization and Assembler 3
       CPTR416 Internet Technologies 3
       CPTR425 Programming Languages 3
       CPTR462 Operating Systems II 3
       CPTR475 Topics in ______________ 1-4
       CPTR485 Computer Graphics 3
       CPTR487 Artificial Intelligence 3
       CPTR495 Independent Study 1-4
       CPTR496 Special Projects 1-4
       INFS215 Information Systems Theory and Application 3
       INFS310 Networks and Telecommunication 3
D Courses Required for the Cognates [ Jump to: A B C D E  Top  ] 3/12
        MATH182 Calculus with Applications A 3
        MATH215 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3
        MATH355 Discrete Mathematics 3
        STAT340 Probability Theory with Statistical Applications 3
E Minor [ Jump to: A B C D E  Top  ] 0/20

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