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Winning slate for ASB Elections 2012!

Congratulations to Building Effective Students (B.E.S.):
Winners of the ASB Elections 2012!

ASB Elections 2012 Top

The ASB Elections exercises for the school year 2012-2013 were held on Tuesday March 20, 2012.

The seats were contested by two slates of candidates:

  • The Alliance
  • Building Effective Students (B.E.S.)

Here's a table of this year's results.

Office Name Votes Won
President Jonathan Barran (B) 443
Curtis Henry (A) 320
Vice-President Leriano Webster (B) 490
Lavyne Hutchinson (A) 271
Parliamentarian Sharifa Honore (B) 537
Administrative Assistant Jerrice Fleming (B) 433
Lynthea Reefe (A) 319
Director, Public Relations Keisha Alleyne (B) 429
Kito Fortune (A) 326
Director, Financial Administration Leeooi-Oneika Edmund (B) 398
Siobhan Lawrence (A) 351
Director, Spiritual Awareness Romano Daniel (B) 603
Director, Social and Cultural Activities Annika Joseph (B) 406
Quinn Nelson (A) 342
Director, Extracurricular Academic Activities Ashley Moore (B) 456
Carver Richardson (A) 281
Director, Sporting Events Rondel Charlery (B) 463
Merfilius Leslie (A) 281
Director, Non-Resident Students Odell Jueanville (B) 464
Victoria Charles (A) 278
Director, Student Workers Kenny Turner (B) 432
Drason Browne (A) 310
Director, Non-native speakers of English Naomi Daube (B) 515
Stephane Canenne Passe Riffard (A) 222
Sergeant-at-Arms Faith Walke (B) 428
Lincoln Gudge (A) 318
Editor ('The Channel') Belkis Marsham (B) 388
Avonelle Henry (A) 359

Key: The Alliance (A); Building Effective Students (B)

Congratulations to all participants!

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