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2023-2024 Summer Semester

18 June 2024


The USC Portal showcases tools and services for USC students, geared to help them perform well academically, and graduate quickly! Avoid doing duplicate or unneccesary courses, know how much of your degree is complete, and know how your grade for each course is progressing!

Update: Support for some aspects have been discontinued: Calendar, Featured Events, Final Exams listing, Gallery.

New students can still register; the standard functionalities are still available.

Course Manager

This is the place to store your journey through USC. Add courses & petitions - you can even track your grade in each course!

GPA Calculator

Knowing your GPA is a breeze - it's done automatically. Once you've put in your courses, your GPA is immediately available.

Degree Viewer

Take the guesswork out of completing your Degree. See how sections are fulfilled with this powerful and visually appealing tool.


Everything in one place! The Dashboard brings all your courses and degrees together, so you get a quick overview of where you're at.

Why use UniversityPath's USC Portal?

Streamline your efforts

Keep on top of how you complete your degree. USC Portal's tools help avoid wasted effort, and keep you focused on completing your degree in the shortest possible time.


It's affordable. In fact, it's free. :)

Keep up to date

There's a calendar just for USC events. A weekly calendar is also sent via email, so that you're aware of school events and holidays.

Constant Improvement

The USC Portal will grow over time: implementing new features, and tweaking for performance.

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The USC Portal is ready to help you graduate in the shortest possible time.

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