Terms and Conditions

Simple guidelines keep everyone happy.

Below are the Terms and Conditions that govern the usage of the UniversityPath website, as well as all sites and applications managed by the UniversityPath (e.g. UniversityPath's Facebook and Twitter pages):

1. Ownership of UniversityPath

UniversityPath is not run by any tertiary instituion or university: it is owned and managed by the "Quiet Events Software Development Company", Trinidad, West Indies. The information contained on this site is already publicly available to the users of this site. It is the responsibility of the users to ensure that they follow the guidelines of their academic institutions. While the administrators of this site will make all attempts to keep information current, it is the responsibility of the student to avail and acquaint themselves with the officially published versions of all academic information relating to his/her respective degrees/programs.

2. Privacy & Security

UniversityPath is committed to your privacy and security of your information. At no time will the administrators of this site publish or release your personal data (contact information, program information, et cetera) to another person, institution or body. There are numerous ways for users to print and save their data for their personal use, and share it if required.

3. Keep it clean

UniversityPath maintains an environment that encourages clean, educational, and non-combative dialog. Users must not encourage profanity, hate and other negative correspondence on this site. The administrators reserve the right to remove posts and comments that violate this most important design goal of the UniversityPath. The administrators also reserve the right to deactivate the accounts of users who violate this term of agreement.

4. Keep it professional

UniversityPath maintains high levels of quality in the language, grammar and tone of information published on this site. It is necessary that users abide by this important goal of the site - to promote and encourage academia and literacy through the practice of the same.

5. Availability of Service

The user pays for the storage and protection of his/her data, and the 24/7 access to their data, as presented in the Course Manager, Program Viewer and GPA Calculator. The Free Services of the site will be available to users during regular business hours, or at the discretion of the administrators.

6. Data Protection

Your data is important to you, and that makes it important to us. We backup your data periodically, so that you can be back up to speed in no time, peradventure there is data loss on our servers.

7. Password Protection

To activate your account, the Administrator will require a password from you. However, as soon as your account is activated, you should change your password. At that point, only you will know your password – the Administrator will not know, or be able to retrieve your password. The Administrator can reset your password if this becomes necessary.

8. Email Address Protection

Email addresses are the formal means of correspondence from or to the UniversityPath. However, you have the assurance that the administrators of this site will not give your email address to another person, institution or body. This is to ensure that your account is not spammed or used inappropriately.

9. Payment

Payment for any of the paid-for services of the site must be prepaid. To purchase such a service, you must add sufficient credit to your account. The method of payment will be discussed and finalized between you and one of our administrators.

10. Quality of Service

The UniversityPath Website will continue to be improved and enhanced over time. Bug fixes will be made at no cost to you. Newer and better techniques will be employed to bring you a fast, efficient service. New functionality will also be added over time. UniversityPath is committed to granting a service that truly equips the student with the tools to excel at their degrees/programs, and will continue to improve toward that end.

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