What is UniversityPath?

A brief introduction.

What is UniversityPath? Top

UniversityPath is a portal that aims to provide specialized help to university and tertiary-level students. UniversityPath currently serves students of the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC), but will be expanding to other academic institutions of the Caribbean in the future.

What are the Standard Services? Top


The Calendar aims to keep you aware of all the happenings at USC, as well as other important dates.

The full Calendar shows all dates and holidays, in an easy-to-use interface. You can filter dates by month, week or day.

The Calendar integrates with the front page of the site, so you can quickly see what's happening. When you log in, it pulls in the deadlines dates for your assignments as well. All the dates then integrate nicely into your Dashboard.


The Blog is our main tool for sharing information.

We feature important academic info, software tips... even poetry from your fellow UniversityPath users!

Our blog is open for all to read, but only UniversityPath users may comment.

Email Notifications

UniversityPath sends email notifications periodically. We like to keep you aware of what's happening! If you've ever received an email from this site, you'll know that we take email seriously!

A weekly list of events is sent to our subscribers so that they don't miss important events/dates.

Other timely reminders and notifications are also sent.

Tech Stop

The Tech Page offers videos, tips and suggestions for your everyday computer problems.

What are the Customized Services (USC)?? Top

Course Manager

Plan and Manage all the courses for your Degree/Program here!

The Course Manager (demo) offers an easy-to-use interface for adding the courses that you’ve done, and the grades you’ve secured. Record information such as a course’s Code and Title, number of Credits, Grade, et cetera.

Add Credit Transfers, Petitions and CBEs here as well, since they also count toward the fulfilment of your degree.

Use course trackers to track your progress/grade in each course! Every assignment, quiz & Mid-term stacks up to your grade; and the Course Tracker allows you to add each item, and view the impact that each makes on your grade.

(One of the many benefits of the course tracker is the ability to project the effort needed to secure a particular grade. For example, you can determine what percentage of your final exam score is needed to secure an A!)

Degree Viewer

The Degree Viewer (demo) shows you the progress that you’ve made toward completing your degree.

This tool matches the courses that you’ve done (along with your wishlist courses, transfers, et cetera) with the Degree/Program that you’re pursuing – and presents an attractive inventory of all your courses.

The Degree Viewer gives you a quick way to determine your progress, and gauge your proximity to completion.

This module is actively maintained by the Administrator, and is in a constant state of upgrade. If you see discrepancies between your Degree and the Degree Viewer, contact the administrator so that they can be resolved. Since issues can appear from time to time, this module is open to fine-tuning and upgrade.

GPA Calculator

Having done the heavy-lifting in the Course Manager, the GPA Calculator (demo) now gives you an easy tool for calculating and projecting your GPA.

By default, your current GPA will be shown, along with a breakdown of how it’s calculated. However, if you’ve added Wishlist courses and grades in the Course Manager, you can use these to project your GPA.

In this way, you can determine and gauge your GPA, all the way up to Graduation!

Final Exam Listing

The Final Exam Listing helps you keep aware of your examination dates.

Each semester, around Final exam time, we'll attempt to get the officially published exam schedule, and condense it in a way that is easy to search.

(Please note: Always compare with the officially printed listing to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information!)


It all comes together on your Dashboard (demo). At a glance, you can determine how far along the path you are.

Your courses, degrees, and GPA summaries are shown graphically, and events from your calendar are displayed as well.

When finals roll around, it will compare the courses you're doing with the listing, and will suggest the possible exams that you may have to attend!

What's the Cost? Top

Our Free services are offered at a low, low cost of $0.00 :)

UniversityPath is now free for all USC Students. If you're a USC student, why not Register?

Other stuff Top

If you have questions, try our ever-willing Administrator. Click here to send a message or question!

We hope that UniversityPath helps you complete your degree with as little stress as possible. Don't forget to share this site with your fellow classmates!

If you're a USC student, you can go directly to the Register page.

Credits Top

Thanks to God first (without question): for wisdom, patience and endurance.

Thanks to fatcow.com, for their fantastic icon set.

And thank you, for your support!

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